About Us


Health club  MISPO was established in February 22, 1989.
Originally it was called running club Mispo, but as years have passed, club members’ exercise habits have changed and expanded, so the name also needed renewal.
During these years members have run in Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania etc. Traditionally members participate in collective bicycle and boat trips and of course take part in running events and even Olympic games.
Some of our member`s children have been in the national team in track and field (Ebe Reier, Jan ja Janek Õiglane) and in cycling (Tanel Kangert)
Many runners have passed the club during it`s years but the core has remained. Although the distances have declined and steps are not as long as they used to be, members have still maintained their happy attitude and the willingness to move. So every Monday and Wednesday are the days one just cannot sit at home! 



Club members  1996.

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